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Good day to all our Newsletter friends,

We would like to wish you all a blessed and prosperous 2018 and hope to see you soon at the theatre, as we have a full programme to offer you. Our sympathy goes to everyone who loved John Roos who passed away in January. He was one of the founders of our annually National Piano Competition and respected judge every year. His enthusiasm and love of music will be missed.

February shows: This is the month to celebrate love and Valentine’s Day. We offer a few options.

10 February 2018 10h00 – Mathys Roets Valentine in Pretoria

Mathys Roets sings and celebrates love with the beautiful words and lyrics of all the well-known love songs of Piet van Wyk de Vries, Leonard Cohen, Lucas Maree and many more. Come and enjoy a morning of music, love and passion especially for your Valentine.

10 February 2018 18h30 – Spanish Fire: Sold out!

11 February 2018 17h00 – Duet with Jannie Moolman and Kevin Leo: Sold out!

13 & 14 February 2018 20h00 – Jak de Priester: The New show!

Specially for Valentine’s Day! 2018 is the beginning of many new things. This show will entertain you with new songs, new stories and a new pianist. Jak de Priester will start 2018 at the Atterbury Theatre and his fans will be the first to experience his new thoughts.

15 & 16 February 2018 20h00 – Nataniël: The Love Collection

Nataniël has never been famous for singing love songs. He is known to sing about life, death, pleasure, war, peace, individuality, family, ghosts, weight loss, personal convictions, faith, doubts and bravery, but hardly ever about being in love.

There will be only two shows on 15 & 16 Feb. presenting The Love Collection, a program with his personal choice of the most unusual, timeless, amazing and original love songs. Nataniël will share the stage with Charl du Plessis (piano) and Werner Spies (bass)

No children under 15 years.

The Kaalkop shop will be available in the foyer.

17 February 2018 20h00 – Laurika in Concert: Sold out!

21 & 22 February 2018 20h00 – Steve Hofmeyr: Skree

Steve Hofmeyr has reason to smile. He has recorded his 30th CD, published his 11th book and became father again at the age of 53! Plenty to celebrate. His double-platinum Country release was one of South Africa’s best sellers for 2016 and now his army of supporters can at last look forward to SKREE, his latest original album for his SKREE Tour in 2018.

“I am relentlessly inspired, by people, ideas and blessings. I felt like writing again, and SKREE is the result,” said he before he embarked on an international tour with stop-overs in Australia and New Zealand. He has brought a taste of his Africa to thousands of expats all over the world for decades, often introducing new Afrikaans acts to loyal audiences.

He will return home for the publication of his 11th book, a crime novel titled Die Onaantasbares (The Untouchables). This will be his 6th novel.
“Boredom and I are incompatible,” says the 53-year-old, recently a father again. His daughter, Romy-lee, was born on June 19th, 2017.

He quips: “If you thought I was finished, shame on you…” This Pretoria-born, incurable Blue Bull and contrarian of note, has entertained the world for three decades and his creativity knows no bounds. He started as a young rocking drama student, on stage first and then in leads in movies, musicals and television (Agter Elke Man, Kampus, No Hero, Dis Hoe Dit Is, Platteland, Pretville, Treurgrond, etc) in the mid-80’s.

This became a full-time career, culminating into one of the most enduring Afrikaans acts in history with a powerful and popular presence in 21st century South Africa. Steve has written more than 200 songs that have been recorded. He entertains South Africans in sold-out concerts weekly with his unforgettable hits, big voice, sense of humour, powerful tributes, pithy rants and strong social commentary leaving no stone unturned nor person unmoved.

His recipe, he proclaims, is to never under-estimate your audience and always learn from your peers. This has brought him a healthy social media following with Facebook (416k), Twitter (245k) and Instagram (27k) devotees, where you can reach him, well, right now!
Says Steve: “I don’t need to win. I just need to be heard. Sometimes you need to shout a little. And once we master this, I believe in the greatest country on earth…South Africa.”

23 February 2018 20h00 – Georgetown: The Dog Show

The multi instrumental Blue Billy Folk Pop band Georgetown will be launching their first full length album “The Dog Show” in celebration of 4 years of hustling and bustling the South-African music scene. They will be accompanied by a host of guest artists featured on the album.

24 February 2018 15h00 & 20h00 – Manne

A group of friends get together for a weekend of hunting. There are many skeletons in the cupboard and with thoughts of revenge the five men enter the wild….however, only four returns. Now they are divided …men and mice, hunters and prey. “Yes guys, everything is funny until someone gets hurt….then it is not funny anymore….then it is hilarious.” In this show you will bite your nails and get better value for your money then a bunch of bananas…guaranteed!

25 February 20h00 20h00 – Jan Blohm: Unplugged

Jan Blohm is no stranger to the Afrikaans music industry. His music became prominent in 2002 and especially in 2004 with his debut album, Melkstraat Confessions. Since then Jan has released various albums with many great hits and received a lot of rewards among others, in 2005, 3 GMT – awards for Album of the year, Song of the year for “Breyten se Brief”, and Best New Artist, also SAMA Awards, Huisgenoot Tempo Awards and the Vonk Afrikaanse Musiek Award.

Come and experience the magic of this unique singer/songwriter and gifted guitarist.

28 February 2018 20h00 – Kevin Fraser Live: Club can’t handle me

Kevin began performing at 16 as a DJ in his hometown of Durban and years later he made the move to Johannesburg to further his career in 2013. And had not only built up a reputation and following, but was known for his versatility and connection with various audiences with the energy he brought to his stage.

Kevin’s natural ability for making people laugh saw him transitioning from DJ to “action comedian” after his move to Australia in 2014. He has since traveled various countries, preforming his shows for his now worldwide fan base.

The hectic new year is in full swing and we all need to relax and escape from everything. The theatre with live entertainment and music is just the place to do so.

Kind regards,