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Good day Atterbury Newsletter Friends,

It is August and time for our yearly Afrikaans book festival: “Boekejol en Filmrol“. It is an ideal opportunity to meet writers, filmmakers, film scriptwriters and actors. There will also be writer/artists (music) performances in the theatre. Other venues this year are Citadel, City Lodge, Groot FM Radio, Homewood and the Alkantrant Library. As there are so many events for Boekejol only some in the theatre will be discussed and  all details are available on

August Program:

4 August 15h00 Elan Vital

A conference about life, love and relationships with distinguished speakers: Dr. Elmari Mulder Craig, Prof. Nicky Alpaslan and Sandra-Simoné Visser. This will be followed by snacks and the grand finale will be a performance by the famous Laurika Rauch. Total Price R395 Special price: only snacks and the Laurika Rauch show at 17:00 for R195. Read more on our website.

5 August 20h00 Rian met Rian

Many years ago, Rian van Heerden produced a very controversial one-man show every year. For the following 6 years he became the infamous presenter of the Complimentary Breakfast show at Jacaranda FM. After retiring there, he is now back with a brand new one-man show on 5th August after a successful run at the Innibos Festival. After conducting more than 1867 interviews he will now interview himself in public, giving honest answers to very incisive questions. Come and experience Rian live on stage!

6 August 17h00 Coenie de Villiers: Tien Vingers Sold Out!

7 August 19h00 Nataniël: Amper Lentekombuis

Is your culinary creativity still captured in its winter hibernation? Does your mouth water by the thought of a funky dish to kick off the new season? Nataniël shows in Amper – Lentekombuis how to prepare quick and quirky food that will make your guests queue at your front door for more! During these unique “cooking and chatting” events, he literally stands on stage and demonstrates simple, yet delicious dishes, while he constantly chatters spontaneously in his trademark hilarious manner….

13 August 16h00 Mathys Roets – Cohen & Koos

Mathys Roets will treat his audience to his interpretation of the work of Leonard Cohen and Koos du Plessis. The music of these two musical giant, is totally unpretentious and honest and with their inspiration, Mathys looks at the position of the man in today’s world. “I don’t even think of myself as a writer, singer or whatever. The occupation of being a man is so much more.” Leonard Cohen

15 August 07h00 Nation Builders Conference 2017

The subject of the conference is: “What South Africa can teach the world. Many famous speakers will share their experiences and stories of hope and explain how businesses can help to build our nation. Among others: Farai Mubaiwa, CathyDuff, Lufefe Nomjana, Francois van Niekerk Keri-Leigh Paschal etc. Dr Michael Mol will be the MC and Majozi will provide entertainment.

For more info klick here

16 August to 20 August: Boekejol

Artist performing with authors in the theatre will be: Jak de Priester, Dawie de Jager, Kevin Leo, Anna Davel and Gloria Bosman with pianist John Fresk: music of Ella Fitzgerald, Coenie de Villiers, Pops Mohamed, Brandon October, Hemelbesem, Francois Botha and Izaan Scheepers.

English Book discussions: Politics and the Guptas and Bold and Brave with Helen Zille.

For full details please go to:

24 August & 25 August 19h00 Kersfees in Augustus

A few years ago a dream was born to make a difference to the Afrikaans Christmas Music Market, to bring back praise and worship in Christmas music. To declare that the King has come to the world is worship. Although this might be just a small endeavour the result should not be underestimated. There will be 15 artists singing original South African Christmas music and the name of the production is “Dis weer Kersfees in Augustus.”

26 August 10h00 Helene Bester en Kristi Kat

A new CD with music for small children has just been released by Helene Bester and Kristi Kat. It is Helene’s first children’s CD as she is accompanied by Kristy, the cat. She is now the mother of the 17 month old little girl, Kristy. The CD features songs like Hasie (Al Debbo) and Die gezoem van die bye (Des and Dawn Lindberg); modernized by Roche Victor the musical director and some new songs by Helene like Gebedjie and Die Plaashek en Kristie Kat, the theme song.

Kristie Kat, a big, friendly, loveable cat, performing with Helene will charm all the children. Rhona Erasmus is one of the 25 finalists of the Mrs. South Africa Competition, required to hold a charity event. She is the owner of Midstream Baby House and co-owner of Pienkvoet-Pret and is arranging this show to the benefit of CANSA.

27 August 16h00 Kraakvars Classics

Kraakvars Classics is an exciting new light classical music production for discerning music lovers, presented in collaboration with the Atterbury Theatre, with soloists André Schwartz, Burgerd Botha, Henry van Dyk, Veramarie Meyer, Charlotte Kilian and Helena Ceronio. During the production, familiar and less-familiar songs from the light classical genre will be performed, accompanied by the pianist Engeli Le Roux and the Pretoria symphony orchestra.

The solos performed by each of these top artists will alternate with duets and ensemble works. The idea is to make this production an annual event, giving light classical music a new face and in so-doing, make high-quality music more accessible for the general public

29 August to 3 September: Fiela se Kind

God forgives us for many things, but God does not forgive us for the hurtful things we do to a child. The coloured lady, Fiela Komoetie, raised her foundling white child, Benjamin, with love and pride, until the day, nine years later, that the census men came to fetch him. “They just took him…just like that!” said Fiela Komoetie. On the other side of the mountain, in the Bush, lives the woodchopper Elias van Rooyen and his wife Barta, whose three year old Lukas disappeared.

Is Benjamin and Lukas the same child? Years later it is Benjamin/Lukas who struggles with this question: who am I? He múst know, otherwise the woman he came to love will never be his. The answer is there, he knows that: somewhere within himself, buried deeply in the past, it keeps eluding him. Darlene Matthee’s very well-known Fiela se Kind is arranged for the stage by Suzanne van Wijk and Frans Swart is the director.

Artists: Shaleen Surtie-Richards, Marissa Claasen, Jaime Du Toit, Edrien Erasmus, Johny Klein, Paul Lückhoff, Divan Prinsloo, Vian Singleton, Graigan Swartz, Marilise Van Wyk, Phillru Van Achterbergh, Nardus Van Der Vyver, Dirk Vermeulen.

Do check our September Programme and book soon to avoid disappointment for Amanda Strydom, Francois van Coke, Helena Hettema, a very special show with the 22 piece Acustica Symphony Wind Orchestra and the beautiful voice of Kevin Leo, Triomf with Jo Black, Appel, Jaqueline Tolken and Lizz Meiring as MC, Danie Niehaus and Pietman the Scotchman and many more.