Filmmaker (Johan) Adam Heyns has recently moved from his flat in Hillbrow to the city centre of Cape Town. He grew up in a privileged home in Pretoria and had experienced life from the noisy black bars in Johannesburg to cosmopolitan life in Cape Town. He wondered if he belonged in Greenside, or Rondebosch or like his cousins in another country.

His grandmother, who lives in a retirement village in Pretoria, gave him a box full of old VHS tapes. Family videos. Flickering images of his grandfather, Johan (Adam) Heyns, playing with his grandchildren on the grass at his house in Waterkloof. He was also the leader of the Dutch Reformed Church. A video of his grandfather’s speech on Covenant Day in 1988 at the Voortrekker Monument, some of the audience in traditional Voortrekker costumes and cabinet ministers. He says apartheid should end. His grandfather on TV saying that a change of heart was necessary and that a big danger was in the wright wing taking up arms.

Then news articles from November 1994, announcing that his grandfather was assassinated while he was playing with his grandchildren at their Pretoria home. Nelson Mandela and political leaders who express their shock.

“Exorcist of Apartheid is not a “who dunnit”, but an attempt by Adam to understand his grandfather and the time in which he lived, but also the times we are currently experiencing. What is the roll of Afrikaners in Africa? Were we told the full story by the guardians of the Afrikaner culture of who we are? Should we see ourselves as the children of Verwoerd or are there parts of our history on which we will be able to build a future?

The 20 minute documentary was produced by Adam, his friend Willem van den Heever, and his father Christof Heyns. Audiences in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria were amazed and moved by this film, and it resulted in late night discussions by people of all groups in the country.

TV presenter, Kabous Meiring will lead a discussion after the viewing of this remarkable documentary with a panel consisting of Wilhelm Jordaan (Psychologist and friend); Piet Meiring (colleague, friend and member of the TRC) and Murray Hofmeyr (former student).


Artist: Kabous Meiring.

Date: 4 November 2018 at 12:00
Tickets: R100
Bookings: Computicket or 012 942 5951