David Minnaar plays all the characters exceptionally – Momo, Ibrahim, women of the street, his mother and father. By slightly turning his hand, raising or intensifying his tone of voice, these people stand before your mind’s eye. The Jewish Quarter in Paris, 1960. Momo is a troubled Jewish boy finds an unlikely friend in a Muslin shop owner, Monsieur Ebrahim. Momo’s hilarious but heart-breaking; story begins when he loses his virginity in a brothel at the age of 11. Ibrahim provides refuge for Momo, gives advice and gradually teaches the precocious child, that there is more to life than prostitution and stealing groceries.

When Momo’s father – a passive, aggressive lawyer who neglects his son – disappears and is found dead, Ibrahim adopts Momo. The two decide to embark on a tour through Europe to Monsieur Ibrahim’s place of birth, which brings them to the most important crossroad in their lives. As this comical and excellent story unfolds, it shows how the most important lessons about life and death are learnt when we least expect it.

Artist: Dawid Minnaar

21 April 2018 at 20:00
22 April 2018 at 17:00
Tickets: R140/160
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