For the past 20 years Nataniël has performed as speaker, booked by schools, universities, companies, churches, charities and magazines. He speaks with insight, empathy, humor and without fear, and now for the first time he will bring this to a theatre stage on 8th June at 11h00, at the Atterbury Theatre. He will tell stories, talk about the place of the individual in a

broken society, about the Kaalkop philosophy, explain his love of etiquette, the horror is social media, the value of shared knowledge, everyone’s need for an opportunity to speak, health that begins in your head and an unique eye that leads to an unique life.

All of this is the motivation behind his work and also for this Lifestyle production. If time allows questions from the audience will be answered. A pleasant and unique experience! Hope, inspiration, fantasy, shock, consolation and new idea, everything in 75 minutes.

The Kaalkop shop will be available in the foyer.

No children under 15.

Date: 8 June 2019 at 11:00

Tickets: R250

Bookings: iTickets or 012 942 5951