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Good day Atterbury Newsletter Friends,

We would like to wish you a blessed and exciting 2019 and trust that you had a wonderful holiday and rest, are back safely, full of energy for the new year. We can’t wait to have our first shows in our new revamped theatre with a great line-up for 2019!

Unfortunately the Glamorous Opening Concert with Karen Zoid on 1 February is sold out but there are still tickets available for the following shows but do take note that all ticket sales will now be on our new ticketing system at

2 February 2019 20h00 – Stef Bos: Ruimte

Steven “Stef” Bos is a Dutch singer who has been living in Cape Town, South Africa. He sings in Dutch, and has been successful in Belgium, the Netherlands and South Africa ever since his breakthrough single “Papa” came out in 1990. He wrote Belgium’s entry into the 1989 Eurovision Song Contest, “Door De Wind. He will begin his 2019 tour at the Atterbury Theatre on 2 February with a new show: “Ruimte”, sharing his view on this world and how to live in it through his songs and stories.

5 February 2019 20h00 – Jan Blohm and Band

“Die Liefde Album” is Jan Blohm’s latest release after 6 years and these songs are not honey-sweet love song, but raw, honest and true that only Jan can write in an album full of Blues, Rock & Poetry. Jan believes that love is a verb, something you must do not only talk about. His band was involved in producing this album with warm rock sounds.

It does not only consist of a mixture of songs but, like a love novel it has a beginning and an end. He managed it very well with the help of his team; John Masser on guitar and backing vocals, Francois Kleinhans on guitar, Tinus Odendaal on drums and the famous Denny Lalouette on bass.

Since 2005 Jan has received many awards, a rocker with more awards than guitars. The musical circle that started off with frustration and opposition, without comprehension and hope has come full circle with acceptance and love and earned him the title of The Rock King of Hearts.

6 – 8 February 2019 20h00 – Schalk Bezuidenhout: Snorseun (Comedy)

Schalk Bezuidenhout, die curly-haired comedian with his trademark jerseys and sharp tongue is the most exciting new voice in South African stand-up. Since this Kempton Park native opened for Trevor Noah (in 2015 and again in 2017) his career has skyrocketed. Some of his many awards include two Comics Choice Awards and a recent SAFTA.

He is a well-known face on television, especially in the role of Danny in the kykNET series Hotel and as anchor of the news satire show Die Ware Naarheid met Schalk Bezuidenhout, also on kykNET. Theatre goers can look forward to Schalk at his best, with new material, razor-sharp observations and social commentary about life and living in South Africa.

Snorseun will bring about multiple reactions, and the biggest one will be hysterical laughter.

10 February 2019 16h00 – Espana

Helena and Maria Lorca Montoya are joined by their students and professional dancers to present this energetic Spanish Dancing production. All monies raised through ticket sales will go directly to ‘CANSA’ (Cancer Association of South Africa).

This show promises you a feast of modern and traditional Spanish dance, fiery rhythms and bewitching music… A feast for the senses, and a true treat for the soul!

12 February 2019 20h00 – Mathys Roets and Dana Snyman: Lag van die Huil

Mathys and Dana will take you with on a bittersweet journey of stories that will let you laugh and some will make you sad. Life is just like that. This is a brand new production where music and stories join.

Mathys says: “It is wonderful how some music and certain stories come together. When I sing Gert Vlok Nel’s “Hillside Lullaby” it reminds Dana of the story he wrote about a pregnant bar lady.” Dana says to know who you are, you must know where you come from and the best way is with the help of music and stories.

“Just about every song I sing, tells a story” says Mathys. “It is as though Dana and I are in a constant conversation.” They are both very excited about this show. “Is intelligent music and stories not all we have to understand each other and the more profound things in life?”

13 February 2019 – 20h00 Jak de Priester: Op ‘n Ander Planeet

“Op ‘n Ander Planeet” is a new original production by Jak de Priester with his 14 newly written songs on his new album “In die Kol” that will be release in 2019. For the first time in his career of 16 years, Jak will also be exhibiting his own abstract artwork which will form part of his new production. Come and enjoy his most exciting work ever. He will be accompanied by Die Hoenderboer on Piano and accordion and Heinrich Pelser on Guitar.

14 February 2019 19h00 – Nataniël: Funny Valentine

Unfortunately this show is already sold out!

16 February 2019 20h00 – Spoegwolf: “KOMA” Album Launch

Also sold out!

17 February 2019 17h00 – Rocco de Villiers: Sunday Piano

To hear popular pianist, Rocco de Villiers without a band or backing track is a rare and special occasion. SUNDAY PIANO is that. One Rocco, one Piano, one suit, many melodies – but so so much more! Solo Rocco!

With piano, and piano only Rocco plays and talks about music – the old, the new, the known, the unknown, tear-jerkers, comedy and of course some surprises!

Don’t miss this soulful event and the opportunity to listen to music on Sundays, like in the olden days.

20 – 24 February 2019 Various Times – Drie Susters

Christine, Anel and Bianca’s flight to Thailand is delayed. It is Christine’s 50th birthday and the trip is her birthday gift from the twins. So they wait, play cards, wait, read books, wait, drink cappuccinos, wait, lash out with words, wait, criticise each other choices, wait. Christine is high on Xanax.

Bianca is convinced she saw their mother who disappeared years ago. Anel is talking to a very attractive man. Christine closes her eyes. Silence. She sometimes wishes her husband and sons would just disappear.

She knows she shouldn’t allow these thoughts, but maybe Thailand will bring the answer. That’s to say, if they ever get there…

Artists: Lizz Meiring; Margit Meyer-Rödenbeck & Nicole Holm.

26 February 2019 20h00 – Uit die Bloute

“Uit die Bloute” received standing ovations at the resent Innibos, Vrystaat and Aardklop Festivals. Eugene Marais is a master of storytelling and in this production his poems and stories come to life and have audiences spellbound.

The first story “Die Lied van die Reën” is about the search for water and in the second story “Salas Y Gomez” a young farmer is trapped on a rock ledge for months and needs all his strength to survive both physically and mentally.

Fiësta winner (Best Actor), Paul du Toit and Jenna Dunster both deliver brilliant performances.

The music for this production is composed by the Crescendo award winner, Lizanne Barnard who set 11 of Marais’s poem to music in a combined style of Africa sounds and modern elements.

Accompanied by veteran musicians Jahn Beukes, Leon Ecroignard and the young Pyjama Shark the farmyard, the Mamatola Mountains and the deepest emotions of the characters are portrayed in music and unique sound effects. The result is an unforgettable experience of Afrikaans music theatre that entertains and moves you deeply.

I must add that in my opinion, this was one of the best productions in many years and will remain evergreen.

27 February 2019 20h00 – Tribute to Neil Diamond

Namibian-born, Johan Liebenberg, who performed in myriads of Barnyard productions as vocalist and guitarist will be performing his Tribute to Neil Diamond show at Atterbury Theatre. This consummate performer with his superb voice and captivating personality, uncannily brings to life Neil Diamond’s evergreen hits like “Sweet Caroline”, “Beautiful Noise”, “Desiree”, “I’m A Believer” and “Longfellow Serenade”, to mention but a few.

Book now and come and celebrate our “new” theatre!