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Good day Atterbury Newsletter Friends,

I hope you enjoyed the April holidays and the KKNK Festival on its 25TH anniversary. There are again a great variety of shows, with something for everyone, that you can book now. Shows from the KKNK coming to Atterbury Theatre are: the comedy “Die Voordele van Eierwit”, “ Die Onbekende Coenie”, “Non met Vakansie “, “Drie van die Bestes”, “Steffie le Roux “, “Die Donkie “ and many more.  An exceptional new talent I discovered was, Lynelle Kenned with an excellent voice, singing everything from Opera to Jazz!

4 April 2019 20h00 – Tribute to Neil Diamond

Namibian-born, Johan Liebenberg, who performed in myriads of Barnyard productions as vocalist and guitarist will be performing his Tribute to Neil Diamond show at Atterbury Theatre. This consummate performer with his superb voice and captivating personality, uncannily brings to life Neil Diamond’s evergreen hits like “Sweet Caroline”, “Beautiful Noise”, “Desiree”, “I’m A Believer” and “Longfellow Serenade”, to mention but a few.

5 April 2019 20h00 – OPTOG! Karoo Suite with Coenie de Villiers and Deon Meyer

Sold Out!

7 April 2019 15h00 & 18h00 – OPTOG! Romanz

GREAST NEWS! The 15h00 show is sold out,but there will now be another show at 18h00.

Romanz (Adam Barnard, Burgerd Botha, Louis Loock and André Venter) is one of the most popular and awarded men’s group to perform on South African stages! OPTOG is proud to bring them back for 5 reunion – concerts. They will take audiences on a nostalgic journey with their greatest hit songs like “Solitaire”, “You Raise Me Up”, “My Hele Hart”, “Ti Amo”, “Houtkruis” and many more.

8 April 2019 20h00 – Smulpaap with Jannie du Toit and Leon Gropp

Leon Gropp, founder member of the instrumental group CH2, and Jannie du Toit, pioneer of Afrikaans music, will present a joint feast of music and song on April 8 at the Atterbury Theatre in Pretoria under the title SMULPAAP. They thereby declare that they are like minded gourmets: avid addicts of music and language.

Musicians’ paths often feel like being on an exciting ride like a carousel or sometimes a mountain pass – roads that keep winding through ups and downs, where one can drive through a valley without any view and then suddenly surge to a high peak and see a stunning panorama. There are other cars as well from time to time, flashing between the greenery for a moment and then disappearing again.

Jannie and Leon are musicians who often wave at one another in passing – at festivals, in studios or on tours through the Karoo or elsewhere. They have great respect for each other’s work and have long realized that they have a lot in common: a passion for life, for beauty, for good taste, for music and for language. They are at different points on a similar journey, both putting the emphasis on artistic excellence as opposed to some other preferences that might have prevailed.

Now the two are joining forces, getting into a double carriage of a carousel for just one evening. They plan to serve their gourmet dishes together, as the Afrikaans bard, Langenhoven, would say: share joy to make the joy bigger.

They are assisted by Jannie’s established ensemble of Susan Mouton (cello), Chanie Jonker (piano) and Theuns Botha (drums) as well as Leon’s regular pianist, Marcel Dednam. The work of poets and musicians such as Van Wyk-Louw, Christa Steyn, Koos Doep, Lucas Maree and Jacques Brel will be heard, but the emphasis is on Leon and Jannie’s own material – mainly new compositions from their pens and guitars: food for the connoisseur. Come feast at the Atterbury!

9 April 2019 20h00 – OPTOG! Drie van die Bestes (Kevin Leo, Danie Niehaus and Mathys Roets)

The three phenomenal voices of Kevin Leo, Danie Niehaus and Mathys Roets, each successful in their own right, join forces again, dusting off classics from the last two decades and some new shows, accompanied by the talented pianists Matthys Maree, as part of the OPTOG shows.

This is a celebration of three great friends of the past twenty years in the music industry. An evening of laughter and good music!

10 April 2019 19h30 – INFINITY WORSHIP NIGHT

To worship as a community is our biggest dream as Infinity Worship and with the first event being a massive success at the Infinity Theatre (13 Feb 2019) it was time to go a bit bigger in size because we were jam-packed-full. We invite people from all ages, churches and especially musicians to come and enjoy an environment of worship presented by top musicians and 3 (Arnold de Wet, Marissa Verheij en Clarice Pieterse) of the most welcoming worship leaders in South Africa. It is our goal to create something we like to call “safe worship” which means excellence in sound, music and presentation is a must.

13 April 2019 20h00 – Charl du Plessis: Impromptu

Charl du Plessis returns to the Atterbury Theatre with his first solo piano endeavor: Impromptu.  After making his professional debut exactly 20 years ago Charl du Plessis has performed with singers, formed his own trio and was the soloist with orchestras here and abroad.

Solo piano is his first love and the music in Impromptu will be unlike that which Charl has ever presented on stage before. Caught in the world between classical music and jazz, pop and blues, Charl will explore the untapped inner voice of his own compositions, improvisations and recollections. The imprint of years of classical performances and the residue of popular music collide in a new start for this established Steinway Artist.

This performance will be 90 minutes with no interval.

14 April 2019 17h00 – CH2 & The Fire Gypsies

A magical show featuring the award winning CH2, fire Gypsies and even a FIRE JUGGLER! For the whole family.

Gypsies have long been among the most mysterious, exotic peoples on earth. They made their living as wandering musicians and singers, often also displaying great acrobatic and juggling skills.

In the fifteenth century, the Gypsies spread many myths about themselves around Europe. The greatest of these myths was outlined in the forged papal letter. The letter stated that the Gypsies had been sentenced by the Pope for their collective sins to live as nomads, never to sleep in a bed. Along with that sad tale, the letter instructed the people reading it to give the Gypsies food, money, and beer, and exempt them from any tolls and taxes.

Wouldn’t we all like to be Gypsies!

24 – 27 April 2019 20h00 – Karen Zoid: Unplugged

The name Zoid means – someone who does not conform to the norms of society. Anyone who has attended a show will know that she literally sets the stage alight. Karen pours her heart and soul into each and every song. Be the first to hear some of her new songs live. Four nights only!

28 April 2019 14h30 – Andre Schwartz & Coenie de Villiers: “Grensloos”

Two of the most famous artists will join forces for the first time in the production “Grensloos” on 28 April at 14h30. André Schwartz and Coenie de Villiers have always desired to do a combined show and decided that that the time is now, while they are still able to do so.

“There will actually be three of us on stage: the huge grand piano is the third presence as both artists will play. Everyone knows André as an internationally acclaimed singer, but not everyone knows that he is also king of the keys.” says Coenie.

Why the title “Grensloos” (without boundaries)? We wanted to create something without any boundaries. There will be amazing and lesser known compositions from France, the Netherlands and of course from South Africa. We will perform some of my own compositions and some of Coenie’s.  We both wanted to create a show with no compromises as one does not know when it will be possible again.” says André.

During the show Schwartz and De Villiers with talk about their first recordings as far back as the Seventies. “It’s a bit like looking at old matric-farewell photos, and hopefully we have matured and can now produce a show as we always wanted to do. It is amazing to work together – we should have done so ages ago! “

On a more serious note they say: “It will be a positive show – no one will be crying about their fate in life. It is unbelievable to see the spectrum of songs that reflects the message of live and let live, crossing all boundaries – not only between countries, but between people, genders and cultures. At the end of the day we are all just humans…..”

Come and celebrate life with word and song, performed by two of our greatest musicians at the Atterbury Theatre.

April is the months of many public holidays and we can still look forward to the Easter Weekend. We wish you all a blessed Easter.

Kind regards,


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